Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em 2024

July 27th

Top Rope only competition

Time: 5:00 - 9:00 pm

Categories: Under 16, U23, U31, U40, & 40+

Price: $20/per climber

Format: 4 Hours to climb 10 routes and obtain cards. Teams create their best 2 Poker hands.

Pre-registration is available online or at the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

This comp looks to be non-traditional, what's the deal?

The Goal of this event is community involvement. We've had a ton of new climbers come join our community over the course of the year and we want to have a super fun event that is not so much focused on climbing prowess as it is on getting together all skill levels.

How is this Texas Hold'em?

This will look like an inverse of the traditional Texas Hold'em. The dealer will reveal the “hole cards” at the beginning of the event and each team will be trying to assemble their “community cards” to make the best 2 hands possible. The team with the best two hands wins their category.

What's up with no gender or skill level categories?

For this event, we wanted to come up with a format that would even the playing field as best as possible. Every age category is playing for the same prize – one of five prizes! It would be an absolute possibility with this format for someone in their first season of climbing to win! In fact, your poker strategy may even be more valuable than your climbing abilities.

What will the walls look like when I arrive?

In the “middle bay” there will be 15-16 new and eligible climbs (grades ranging from 5.7-5.12).

What do I climb and how do I 'build my hand'?

After each completed climb, go to the dealer and they will draw a random card for you and that will be written on your team’s score card. Each partner can climb 5 climbs, to get a total of 10 cards for the team. Each team will then assemble the best two hands they can with their 10 “community cards” and the dealer’s 2 “hole cards.” Teams with the best two hands win.

Are there any advantages to being a good climber?

Nope. But you have more potential routes to climb because the easier climbs will be receiving more traffic, and having longer lines.

How can I win?

You and your partner will 'build' the best two hands you can with your 10 “community cards” and the dealer’s 2 “hole cards.” Teams with the best two hands win and will be announced at 9:30pm. Winners do not have to be present to win, we will contact you to claim your prize.

Online Registration

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