Great bouldering! Excellent options for all skill levels and a great community of climbers.

Hannah L.

Fun, clean and safe! Great activity to get out of house and get exercise. First time rock climb for me and my children, the staff took time to explain the proper way to belay and climb. The Edge Rocks!!

Elisabeth A.

This is a great place. The staff are really friendly and helpful, and will get you started even if it's your first time. The prices are great for everything, including rented gear. (Harness, shoes, chalk bag)
The climbing, though, is obviously the most important part. The quality of the climbs and the bouldering wall is exceptional. They are both fun and challenging for any skill level.
I recommend it to anyone interested in climbing.


Albany, NY

The best gym in the northeast and the BEST community. I'm living in Colorado now, but The Edge is still, and will always be my home gym. The Edge has the best routesetting out of any gym I've ever been to and has a quick turnover rate, so the walls are always fresh.


Tyler K


The Capital Region's state-of-the-art indoor climbing facility is home to more than 14,000 square feet of textured climbing terrain, a massive free-standing boulder with seamless padding, nearly every bouldering section topping out, and a huge selection of top rope and lead routes for climbers of all ages and ability levels to enjoy. As the Capital Region's premier climbing gym, The Edge is bigger and taller than any other gym within a 100 mile radius, and is the perfect place to get better acquainted with one of the best sports on Earth.